The Newburgh Cash Mob is a grassroots, buy-local, volunteer effort initiated by everyday citizens who want to strengthen and expand the City of Newburgh’s economy and sense of community by helping small businesses stay and grow within the Newburgh city limits. The group does this by organizing consumers, en masse, to “mob” local, small business #1, spend a little money, get some cool stuff and then go for a celebratory drink at local, small business #2 (for more details, go to How It Works). This gives small business owners some love, raises awareness of Newburgh’s unique, hip and interesting businesses and allows the community to connect with each other while having fun and supporting a common goal.

How Much Impact Can You Have?

A lot, actually. A recent study in Maine (“Growing Local Best Way to Boost Economic Growth”) found that every $100 spent at a local business can generate $58 in additional local economic impact, versus only $33 in local impact generated by a national chain.  This is because local businesses rely heavily on local suppliers, local services and local support.  National chains, on the other hand, rely primarily on out-of-state producers. At the same time, data show that it’s less expensive to help local businesses grow than to entice new businesses to open up shop.  So, supporting our local, small businesses is fun and smart.

How Do We Decide Which Businesses to Mob?

We identify a bunch of small, local businesses that carry goods we think you’d like to buy, we put their names in a hat, and we randomly select a business to mob every 4-6 weeks (the identity of the business is a secret until you show up for the mob).  If you know a local business we should target, or if you’re a small business owner who would like to be mobbed, we’d like to hear from you at newburghcashmob@gmail.com.  We’re always looking for suggestions for businesses that carry high-quality goods with broad appeal.


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