We are cash Mobbing

We are cash Mobbing Commodore chocolatier


National Cash Mob @ Newburgh LOCATION

Ready to CASH MOB on National Cash Mob?

Rendezvous location: 2pm on the corner of Broadway and West Street (NE corner).  You’ll see us there!

Next Newburgh Cash Mob Saturday, 3/24 @ 2 p.m.!

Mark your calendars! The next Newburgh Cash Mob will be somewhere in the City of Newburgh next Saturday, March 24, at 2 p.m.! This mob will coincide with National Cash Mob day, so please rally your family and friends to come out and show special support to a local business! We will announce the rendezvous location 24 hours before, on Friday, March 23, via our email list, Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Sometime mid-week we will be posting a hint about the location. If you haven’t yet signed up to receive our email, follow us on Twitter or “Liked” us on Facebook please do so ASAP and ask your friends to do the same. The more you help spread the word, the more impact your contribution will have on our community!

Mobbers-only Discount At Classic Tents

Classic Tents has offered Newburgh Cash Mobbers a special 15% discount and free delivery if you show a recent receipt from any Newburgh Cash Mob mob locations.   Classic Tents rents tables, chairs, linens and tents to make your gathering a memorable event.  For details visit our Featured Businesses Page.

Thank yoU

To all the Cash Mobbers: THANK YOU for coming out and supporting our local shop Mrs. Max Boutique.  Thank you for showing the love and spending some CASH in our City.  Don’t forget to sign up for e-list.

You can find Mrs. Max Boutique and descriptions of the many items she carries at their FBsite 

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They are ready for US!

He is ready to serve all of our Newburgh Cash Mobbers … do you know where he is?!

Newburgh Cash Mob


Rendezvous Location

Ready to CASH MOB?

Rendezvous location: 2pm on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street (SW corner).  You’ll see us!

Newburgh Cash Mob Location: SW corner of Broadway & Liberty


First Cash Mob Descends on Newburgh (Saturday) Feb. 11 @ 2 p.m.

On Nov. 21, 2011, a friend from college left a simple post on Facebook: “I love this!” was all it said. I clicked on the link she posted and went to a page for the Norman Cash Mob .  It was the first time I’d ever heard of cash mobs, but the idea was simple, clear and compelling. According to the Urban Dictionary, a cash mob is “a gathering similar to a flash mob organized primarily through social media, where a group meets near a small business and spends about $20 each. The location is kept a secret until the last minute, although clues are given out in advance and the business is usually surprised. The atmosphere is usually silly and fun.”

The Norman Cash Mob was happy to share—their model, guidance, sources, support…everything (Shout out, Okie Bowl…you’re the best!). It turns out they cribbed the idea too—from a Cleveland group they heard about on NPR. A good friend and Newburgh neighbor saw the same potential I did and promptly embraced the project as her own by helping me lay the groundwork for what will, on February 11, 2012, become the very first Newburgh Cash Mob.

On the 11th, next Saturday, the Newburgh Cash Mob (aka you, me & anyone else who thinks supporting small, local businesses is a smart/fun/cool idea) will meet at 2 p.m. sharp  somewhere in the City of Newburgh to mob our own local, small business. All you have to bring is a $20 bill (or at least a plan to spend a small-ish something) and your sense of adventure. On Friday the 10th we will announce the Mob’s meeting location, but the identity of the business won’t be revealed until we actually convene (though you can keep an eye out for clues throughout the week, and if you see or hear of any, please feel free to post them). After the mob, we’ll plan to “mob” a second, nearby business to have a quick round of drinks and celebrate our success!

Follow us here and on Facebook and Twitter to find out Saturday’s meeting location! We hope to see you there!