How It Works

1. One week prior: The mob date/time will be announced via Twitter, Facebook, and the Blog

2. One day prior: The mob meeting location will be announced (via the same channels)

3. Day of the mob: Meet at the predetermined location where the mystery business is revealed

4. Spend $20 dollars at the business

5. Meet three people you didn’t know before

6. Celebrate a successful mob at a nearby watering hole

7. Have fun!

Share the Love

We encourage mobbers to Tweet and update their Facebook status with pictures during an event to encourage others to come to the next mob, as well as post feedback and photos on the Blog afterward. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions for upcoming events!


3 thoughts on “How It Works

  1. linda briggs says:

    how do i get on this list for the events?

    • You can sign up on the “home” page. I’ve added your email to our list. You should be receiving an email which will ask you to confirm. Thanks for your interest and your support of small businesses in the City of Newburgh.

  2. […] your calendars, the Newburgh Cash Mob is meeting up again this […]

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