Are you an individual, organization or company that would like to sponsor a cash mob to help a local small business? Newburgh Cash Mob can help you with the planning and infrastructure of the event…all you have to do is to tell your friends when and where to show up.  This is great way for non-profit groups, churches, or local small businesses in the  service industry to raise awareness of their own organization while giving back to the community.

How It Works:

  • You tell us you want to sponsor a Mob and invite your networks of people to attend
  • We arrange a Mob to sponsor and invite our networks of people to attend
  • You “host” the Mob on the day of the event and enjoy accompanying exposure/publicity

Key Benefits:

  • When you mobilize your network of people to attend a Mob you potentially increase our constituency, which strengthens our ability to help local businesses
  • We actively promote each Mob via Facebook, Twitter and local media outlets. Through your affiliation with the Newburgh Cash Mob, you receive free exposure to the press, the local business you helped Mob and their customer base, as well as ongoing exposure to our network via the Newburgh Cash Mob website, where you will be featured on an ongoing basis

Recommendations For Successful Sponsorship:

  • Give us your organization’s logo and mission statement at least two weeks in advance of the Mob so we can include these on our website and Blog to help you “brand” your sponsorship
  • Have 2-3 members of your organizational leadership at the Mob to welcome the mob for attending, and to tell them a bit about your organization and why it’s important
  • Bring flyers or other promotional materials to the Mob to hand out to participants
  • Tell us a week in advance if you would like to place cards or flyers at the business being mobbed so we can make arrangements with the business owner to do so

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